Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stop Wasting Time!

     Have any of you ever been to a "pity party"?  Not only have I been to some, I've thrown a few myself.  We all have had our moments when we realize life just hasn't turned out the way we thought it was going to.  What a bummer feeling.  It seems as though all the failures seem to be saying, "I'm present and accounted for".  Those moments when we play the videos in our minds of all our successful friends and all they have accomplished.  We are happy for all of them, but their vids only add to the decorations for the pity party.  The feature film for the party is "All the Things I've Tried and Failed Miserably At" followed by the sequel "All My Great Ideas That Amounted to Nothing".  Now that is stuff that makes for a great pity party.
     If there is a big crowd that shows up for the party, it just heightens the storyline.  Now everyone can see what a failure I've been.  If no one shows, then we add to a future storyline, another sequel, part III, "No One Gives A Flip".  Let's all be honest, you've been there in your mind and emotions haven't you?
     Well, I just attended one.  It was my own.  There were only two of us that attended.  Me and God.  I didn't even invite Him, but He crashed the party.  He had a different idea about what was to take place than I.  I didn't want to be rude to Him so I began to play the featured films that were scheduled for the night.  I just knew He would put His arms around me and say, "I understand how you feel.  You've tried hard and I am proud of you for that."  No such pity.  He was the wrong person to show up to a pity party.
     Wanna hear what He had to say?  I thought you might.  He opened up a can of  spiritual whup- _ _ _ , and let me have it.  Keith, you're pathetic.  You are only 57 years old and you are acting like its all over.  You think you've blown it, you've missed your window of opportunity.  How stupid can you be.  Let me get Noah, Abraham and Moses on the line and let them share with you how old they were when I did the greatest work in their lives.  Its not what you accomplish that counts.  It is what you get started that outlives you.  Its those you help get on the right path that will still be journeying long after you receive your harp.  Its not about you and your accomplishments.  Its about Me and my kingdom.  I'm not done with you yet or you wouldn't be breathing.  You can not even imagine what I have ahead for you.  Then He said, "Remember this: I am just as passionate about you serving me today as I was when you were a 17 year old surrendering to preach.  I have as many exciting plans now as I did then!" 
     So much for the pity party.  One thing I learned from the party:  I'm too young to give up on my dreams and I am too old to waste any more time.  I bent over, took a swift kick in the butt, which was part of the can of "whup- _ _ _" and am looking forward to tomorrow.  Why don't you come along with me and JOIN THE JOURNEY!

Monday, June 20, 2011


     I'm back. has been a whirlwind lately.  I have been chasing myself and haven't caught me yet.  One iron out of the fire was Choose the Journey blog.  As of this  morning I am placing that iron back in the fire.
     The last time I left you we were sharing things we have learned about God.  We will continue on that journey today.  I want to focus our thoughts on the word "NOW".  It seems like such a simple word, but it is extremely difficult to find yourself in that time frame.  We want to focus on the past, whether it is past failures or past successes.  That is the poorest use of "NOW" possible.  If your "NOW" is filled with what happened in the past you probably are not headed anywhere good in the future.  The past is the least important part of our lives in the heart and mind of God.  He can completely change the past in the "NOW".  In a single moment of repentance,or forgiveness,or surrender, the past's hold on us can be wiped out.  Sure, there are consequences of our past, but its power to shape our future is demolished in the power of "NOW".
     Imagine what could happen right "NOW" if everyone who needs to forgive someone decided to get on the phone or go to that person and say, "I forgive you!"  How about those who need to say "I'm sorry" did it right "NOW".  Everyone who needs to deal with sin or destructive habits in their lives decide to cry out to God for help right "NOW".  Those who have given in to fear and failed to do something God has called them to do, decided to push fear aside and move forward "NOW".  Cease the pursuit of things that don't have eternal significance "NOW".  Pursue the dreams God has placed deep in your hearts "NOW".
     John Wooden use to say, "Make everyday your masterpiece!"  In other words, live in the "NOW".  Plans for the future are important, but do something "NOW" to make those plans a reality.  Your future is made up of your "NOWS".  Do nothing "NOW" and your future is doomed.  Focus on your past and your "NOW" is wasted.  If I could orchestrate repentance, forgiveness, pursuits, dreams, encouragement, giving, etc, to all take place in the "NOW" can you imagine the heavenly power that would be released on the earth at that very moment.  Well, I can't do that, but I can grab hold of my "NOW" and do something with it.  So can you.  Do what you need to do "NOW" right "NOW"!
      I had a dream last year.  I haven't shared it with many folks because it is so improbable that it is embarrassing to even share it.  Well, here goes!  Louie Giglio called me up on the stage at a Passion Conference and asked me to take 5 min. and share one word.  I said, "The word is  "NOW".  If we all surrender our failures, our successes, our plans, our dreams, our wants, ourselves to a God who wants more for us more than we want for ourselves, "NOW", heaven would open up and pour out power that would sweep across America.  Not at the end of this conference, not at the end of this day, not at the end of this session and not even at the end of what I am saying, but right "NOW"!  God responds to "NOW".  Begin to fall on your knees in surrender "NOW" and God will move."  I turned to hand the mic back to Louie to find him on his knees.  I hit my knees and all across the room others did the same.  God moved and we changed.
     That was all there was to the dream, but the message of "NOW" has been ringing in my heart and mind ever since that dream.  So "NOW" I challenge you, where you are to surrender yourself to a trustworthy God.  JOIN THE JOURNEY  on the knees of your heart "NOW"!