Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Said God

     Sorry about the missed post yesterday.  Worked a double shift at the airport and didn't get a chance to hit the blog.  Today's will catch me up.
     Let's return to this creator thing we were talking about in our last blog.  You gotta think WOW!, that was pretty awesome.  A God who can do all He did, regardless of how you count the days, deserves some attention.  If you believe Him to be the creator of the world, you can't easily dismiss Him.
     However, let's shift our attention from the fact He made it all, to the fact He enjoyed doing it.  It was far more than the function of being the creator.  He got a kick out of each stage of the process.  Take time to stop and read chapters one and two before you go on reading this blog.  You will get more out of the blog if you read it.  If not, still continue reading because I want you to get a glimpse of how the "creator' interacted with creation.  It kind of destroys the idea that the Creator just started everything spinning and just sits back, uninvolved, watching it spin.
     If you took the time to read Genesis 1 & 2, you saw seven times in chapter one the phrase, "He saw it was good."  Verse 4, He liked the light; verse 10, He like the view of earth like the Astronauts; verse 12, He liked the veggies and fruits; verse 18, the sun, moon and starts; verse 21, He liked the birdies (like those at the Master's) and the fishies; verse 25, the puppies, kittens, chickies, calves, colts and phillies.  Verse 31,  "I like what I've done."  He gained pleasure every step of the way.  He never intended to create and then step away.  In verses 22 and 28 we see the Creator giving His blessings.  Further indication that He planned on being involved over the long haul.  In 2:9 He even gives attention to the beauty of the trees, making them "pleasant to sight" and "yummy for the tummy".  I know the Creator must love a good salad bar.
     But it is in 2:19-20 and 2:26-28 that gives us every indication that God, the Creator, created man to enjoy what He had created, with Him.  There is a definite "partnership" set up here.  I made it, you take care of it.  Even if we believed in "intelligent design", but failed to see the continued involvement and interaction between the creator and the created, we would miss the most significant part of creation. 
     It is the "relationship" that is the crown jewel of creation.  The relationship between man and the rest of creation, but more importantly, the relationship between man and God.  As long as there is an earth, there will be relationship between man and God.  He intends to be interactive with us and passionately wants to enjoy us, His creation, every step of the way. 
     What an incredible thought.  We can say, "Hey, you know the guy that made all this stuff, he put me in charge of it.  Yeah, we work together every day!"  What a journey.  To live every day as a partner of the Creator.  Who knows what He might create next.  Maybe something out of your life.  It is His nature to create.  If you think He was done in Genesis, you are nuts.  Oops!  Didn't mean to call you nuts.  Yes I did!  If you don't see that You and I are His best opportunities to flex His creative muscles, you fail to see His true nature.  He will finish the work He has begun in us.  That's why journeying with Him is exciting.  Come on and JOIN THE JOURNEY!


  1. keith, discovering how much God delight's in His creation has been a great healer for me. Romans 8 says that the whole creation will be liberated from decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Guy

  2. Hey you WGN! I love Romans. So many anchors to hold on to. I can't think of many things that move me like the understanding that God delights in me. Who am I that God would be pleased to spend time with. Who am I that God would create this awesome world so that I would be surrounded by His glory. Thnx for your comments. They always encourage me.

  3. Sometimes we regard God as the CEO and we are his territorial salesmen. But God is like the undercover boss who comes among us and works side by side with us. He listens to our problems and goes out of His way to provide for us each step of the way. Only He doesn't want to stay undercover. He reveals Himself to us and we can be amazed with His love. john k.

  4. Johnny, Once again you've shared a great thought. I like the word picture of God working undercover along side of us, then all of the sudden revealing Himself. Very good!