Wednesday, April 20, 2011

He Celebrates Us!

     This week is flying as we approach Easter Sunday.  I bet heaven's choir has been practicing all week getting ready to join with earth's choirs to celebrate our risen Lord.  Wish there were some way to be able to hear them all sing the same song at the same time.  Maybe next year I'll send out a notice for all choirs, congregations, bands to sing Oh Glorious Day in the same key, time and whatever else would make sense.  Everyone send their recording to someone in Nashville, mix it and wah lah, 15 million voice choir.  Oh well, just a thought.
     Hope you are enjoying the second leg of our journey, "what we believe about God".  We've looked at creation and the flood to gain some insight about God through these magnanimous events.  These stories have always left me thinking about how powerful God is.  His ability to create it all and then destroy it all is mind boggling. 
     However, on this journey, I have prayed for a fresh new perspective about God.  I so need it at this point in my life.   As I try to figure out the best way to spend the rest of my life, a fresh glimpse of  Him would be essential to making some really big decisions.  Some decisions, I have a sneaking suspicion,  are going to require a lot of faith.  Rediscovering God is the best way to rediscover myself.  This is kind of like a mid-life spiritual crisis. I want nothing more than to have a "I can't wait to get up tomorrow" kind of relationship with God.
      That is what I am praying to get out of this blog journey.  I imagine there are some of you that are just like me.  That is why I invited you to JOIN THE JOURNEY.  So far, my prayers are being answered, as my take away from the first two OT stories we've looked at has drastically changed from previous take aways.  I have been blown away with the heart of  God.  His emotional connection to man is incredible.  His desire for man's participation in His world.  From the woman He created for Adam, simply because man needed her, to His asking Adam to name all the animals.  He was enjoying man enjoying His creation.  He was having fun right along side of Adam.  Even the fall was followed with a deep desire on God's part to restore relationship.
     Then the disappointment that led to the flood.  His heart was broken because His fellowship was broken.  Even in the midst of all the wickedness, He walked with Noah.  That relationship was so precious to God that He saved His creation as a response to the intimate friendship He had with Noah.  It is so obvious that God, more than anything, wants to have a relationship with people, that being us!  He loves all of created, but the rocks crying out is not quite like you and I crying out.  His promises and covenants are His way to relate to us.  He binds Himself, by His own words, to us.  Not out of obligation, "Oh, I created them, so I guess I'm stuck with them," but out of a passion for us.  He can't wait until we get up each day to spend time with us.
     Tomorrow, His pleasure continues.  He delights in us.  His creative juices are satisfied as He plans and executes our steps.  It is like a celebration we are all going to and He doesn't want to miss out.  What is He celebrating?  US!  Don't miss this.  While we drag fear, failure, doubt and disappointment into each new day, His intent is to replace every bit of that with adventure and celebration.  No "killjoy" in Him.  John 10:10 says it so well.  He wants life abundant for us.
     How about you?  Do you need a fresh look at God?  Does your life need "life" in it.  Is God a distant belief, the One who created it all, or is He the one who joins you tomorrow to create more wonder?  Let's journey together and rediscover a God who desires to be with us.  He will be found when we search for Him.  JOIN THE JOURNEY this week as we celebrate His ressurrection, which is our ressurrection , and the fact; He celebrates Us! 


  1. I read a story about a woman who was invited to apply for a special with the King. She had been a faithful follower for many years and now a special invitation to apply for a job. She worked all night working up her resume. I thad been years since she worked. The next morning she arrived early and talked to a man sittingin front of the kingdom doors. Whe was nervous and practised her presentation on him. I have three kids we have tried to raise responsibly. My husband wrote me a letter of recomendation. I lead a Bible study at the church. On and on. the man said he would let the King know she was here. After much waiting a pacing she was called in to see the King. It was the non descript man she had met outside. She was embarrased and tried to give her presentation all over. The King said I choose you. There is no need for a box of stuff to try and impress the King. He has already chosen us. All we need to do is accept. The woman said I wanted to impresse you but now all I want to do is sit at your feet and listen. The King said that's is all I ever wanted. John k

  2. Great story. I will be using that one in a sermon someday. You are so right. God has fallen in love with the real unpresented us. No need to impress. Just be the best "you" you can be and sit at His feet. That was really good Johnny.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. It has been good for me to write the blog. Thanks for joining me on the journey.