Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anatomy of Worship

     What would you have done?  150 days on the Cruise ship, "The Ark" and now dry land.  I never forget my first trip to Brazil.  We were there for two weeks, building a church.  That was the longest I had ever been out of the good ole USA.  Guess what the first thing I did was.  Kiss the US soil?  Nope.  Hurry to the baggage claim area to meet our friends greeting us on our return?  Nope.  I walked straight to the Golden Arches and bought two "biggie" fries, dumped them into the bag and chowed down. 
     We had a great trip and accomplished something good for the Kingdom and for a group of people.  Some even entered the ranks of citizenship for heaven.  I know a good mission trip when I see one, but this no "Ark" experience.  Imagine feeling the boat hitting against the peaks of the Ararat mountains, bouncing from one peak to the other until it found a resting place.  Probably a lot of jarring going on.  Maybe a goat on top of a camel, or maybe a chimp squealing as the hippo has him penned against the stall wall.  Then all of the sudden, perfect stillness.  Door opens and everyone looks around to take in the view of  a flood washed cleansed earth.  A sense of awe as they stood there, reflecting on the last 150 days.  Then it happened.  Confetti, horns, everyone running around, jumping, yelling, back slapping, high fiveing (new word), kissing the ground.  That may be a little overkill, but I guarantee there was some celebration going on.
     Noah, more than the others, felt the magnitude of all that had happened.  Through him, God is giving the world another chance. He had saved mankind because Noah had walked with Him.  The flood is over and now it is time to start fresh and new.  Wow, where do you start?  In verses 20-21 we find the answer.  WORSHIP!  Noah built and altar "to"  God, not "for" God.  It wasn't a matter of  obedience at this point, but rather, a matter of expression.  Noah had gotten a fresh look (150 days worth) at God.  A God powerful enough to bury the earth in water, yet compassionate enough to save mankind.
     We all come to places in our lives where we since God is saying this is your second chance.  No better way to start over than at the altar.  As we look at Noah's "do over" , mankind's mulligan, notice the anatomy of  his worship.
  1. Worship involves action or effort.  "He built"  - Sometimes I think we believe worship is something we "feel" rather than something we do. 
  2. Worship involves our best .  "He selected"  - God did not get the leftovers.  Noah carefully selected what He offered to God.  God forgive me for giving you my leftovers.   Help me to put the effort forth to give my very best to you.
  3. Worship involves our all.  "from every species" - Noah did not want to miss anything.  He didn't just offer animals he didn't like.  He was thorough in what he offered God. 
  4. Worship involves our sacrifice.  "he offered...burnt offerings"   We sometimes excuse ourselves from sacrifice because He paid the ultimate sacrifice.  His sacrifice cleared the way to God, but our sacrifice clears the way to a useful, fulfilling life.  Paul implores us to give our bodies as living sacrifices.  
Remember our purpose here is to learn about God.  My take away is this:  God responds to real worship.   There is no better way to start fresh and anew with God than to life your hands, fall on your knees and worship Him.  Let us exhalt Him together.   JOIN THE JOURNEY of  worship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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  1. I read this week that our numbe one task in life is to know Jesus. Our next task is to proclaim Hime to others. God is recruiting us to recruit others. You would thin in this day and age of great communication that everyone would know who Jesus is> If they do, they are not telling. We need to be recruiting others. That is what your Journey is doing. John K