Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God's Aware of the Time!

     Hello!  It's me again.  Two weeks ago, I was on the road for a week and then, upon my return, Blogger was having technical difficulties.  So it has been two weeks since I've set at the desk and shared some thoughts about what an awesome God we have.  Feels like it has been months.  Your joining me along the journey trying to make sense of life is your ministry to me.  Just knowing that you are out there wanting to count for Him, encourages me to do the same.  As we journey together, we learn together.  Satan does not want that to happen.  It has been a challenge just to sit down at the computer and get rolling again.  Buckle up because we are on the road again, discovering more about the most exciting journey in the world.
     Let's recap for a second.  We spent our first couple of months looking at all the different ways God tells us He loves us.  He uses circumstances, people, nature, struggles, successes, blessings, Scriptures and and endless list that will continue to grow as long as we live.  God always wants us to relate to Him from the understanding that everything He does in our lives is based on His love for us.  That is so very important to grab hold of, because when life doesn't make any sense at all, knowing that He is at work on our behalf  simply because He loves us, gives us a anchor to hold on to.  Once that thought becomes a part of our fiber, we will face all of live differently.  I can't think of anything more important to know about God than the fact that He is passionate about you and I.  His power, His wisdom, His creativity means nothing apart from His love.
     We are now on the second part of our journey.  Examining the stories of the Bible to learn things about God that we can carry into our relationship with God.  We know why He does everything, LOVE, but how do we recognize what He is up to.  What has He done in the lives of those He loves.  How does it all relate to His big dream and how that trickles down to His plan for our lives?  That's the real question I think we are all asking.  What is God doing in our lives?  The more we look at His Story and recognize the different roles people have play in that story, the more likely we are to understand Our Role.  We sometimes have a tendency to separate His Story from Our Story when they are one and the same.  We are a part of His Story!  We have no real meaning apart from His Story.  We have to interpret our lives in light of His Story.
     Here is an assignment for you to help us get back on the same page.  We are looking at the life and story of Noah.  Look at chapters 6-8 and notice how many times there is reference to days, months and years.  On Friday we will try to draw some interesting observations from His attentiveness to blocks of time.  We will see that God's aware of the Time!  Glad you decided to JOIN THE JOURNEY!

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