Friday, May 20, 2011

God's Google Clock

     600 years old and the captain of his own ship.  That's what you call living a long full life.  Imagine, at any age, boarding the Ark knowing that when the cruise is over the only living things in the world will be what is on the cruise with you.  What went through Noah's mind when God Himself  "slammed shut" the door to the ark.  THUD!  It had to have been a solemn moment.  What was Noah thinking about God at this time?  Is He sure about this?  Me, my sons and their wives.  Why me?  God said, "In seven days"... I'll see you on the boat."  I bet that week went by fast.  Following the "thud" of the door came the sound of pouring rain.  Springs from beneath the boat and thunderstorms above.  For forty days and forty nights it did not stop.  I wonder how long it took before the boat moved.  "Did you feel that?"  "Feel what?"  "That! The boat moved."  "Are you sure? Oh, I felt it!"  Fear or fun?  The cruise lasted 150 days. The Bible is full of some really cool stories.
     What was God doing during those 150 days?  Interesting question.  Nothing alive outside the ark.  No disobedient wicked people to deal with.  No mountains to float into, they were all under water.  Twenty feet above the highest peak.  Just a free floating boat full of poop!
     I know one thing God was up to.  He was counting the days.  Chapter 8 starts with a cool statement, "Then God turned His attention to Noah..."  Chapter 8 gives us some insight into the mind of God.  13 times in chapter 8 we see "day", "month" and "year" mentioned.  There seems to be a significant attempt to frame the whole story in time segments.  It is as though God has a Google Clock.  We are all familiar with Google Earth, the ability to see the earth then zoom in to see your dog in the driveway.  It it amazing the see.  God has the ability to the same thing with time and our lives.  He is not limited to a 24 hour clock.  He sees the big picture and He knows when it all fits in.  He knew when the ark would nestle among the mountain peaks, when the water would subside, when the birds would find a place to nest.  He had it down to the day, the month and to the year.
     When we are in our "arks" and apparent destruction all around us, we are frantic because we are being swallowed up by the present.  Example: the disciples in the boat with Jesus asleep.  Life's splash gags us while God seems to be sleeping.  We have to understand that God sees the big picture and works accordingly.  What we see in hind sight, He sees in the present.  We have to trust the fact that God wants what is best for us and everything we are going through that seems to be crushing us is just a "day" or a "month" in the journey of where God is taking us.  I never doubt God's ability to handle my situation, but I do have a difficult time seperating my trust in Him from the pressure of the moment.  His timing seems to be off.  I find myself thinking, God where are you.  I need you to come through NOW!  Know this; He is looking at His Google Clock and is very aware of what is going on and when it will end.  It will end before it destroys you because He is in control.  So buckle up and JOIN THE JOURNEY!  Your ark will find its resting place.

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