Friday, August 5, 2011

Attention: Guest Blogger Stephanie Bailey "On Mission"

     One of the greatest thrills in life is watching young people develop into leaders.  Seeing them make decisions that you know honor God and stretch them.  All of us need to try to do things that are just above our abilities,  just beyond our reach and outside our comfort zone.  We often miss great opportunities because of fear of failure or fear to get out of our comfort zone.  I have failed at so many things that you would think I would quit trying.  I know I'm a little weird, but failure, somehow, fuels me.  Who wants to be known as a failure?  Sooooo, each time I fail at something, I am motivated to try something else, until I succeed.  I will not be called out at the plate watching the ball go by.  I will go down swinging.  Keep watching:  I will succeed!
     That brings me to Stephanie.  Here is a girl that chose to step waaaaaay outside her comfort zone, and experience a tremendous trip this summer.  Next week she will get Choosethejourney back into the blogosphere with three days of sharing that experience. 
     This was not a "mission" trip, unless you are a young girl that sees everyday life as a "mission".  Steph went with a "non-Christian" group of students to Europe, Spain, Italy (I'm already lost).  She is going to share her perspective of her "mission trip" that was not a "mission trip". 
     I know her blogs will entertaining, informative and I'm gonna guess, challenging.  Take the time to tune in.  Young people get all your friends to read and COMMENT!  If you can't figure out how to comment on the blog, then comment on her facebook.
The following week, I am going to bribe Catelyn Griffin to try her hand at blogging.   She just got back from the jungles of Ecuador.  She has some great stories to share.  STAY TUNED IN!

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