Tuesday, August 9, 2011


     Just wanted to get your attention.  I know you are busy, and normally my blog is not high on your "to do list", but you don't want to miss this week.  Stephanie Bailey (aka Kendra Logan) is sharing about her "non-mission" "mission trip" to Europe.  Yesterday blog was tremendous.  Take time to read yesterdays.  You will be glad you did.  She will also do tomorrow's and Friday's blog.   TAKE THE TIME TO COMMENT!
     George Strait recorded a song a couple years ago, I Saw God Today, that pointed out how we can see God in the most seemingly common occurrences of everyday.  If he read Steph's blog yesterday, he would add another verse to the song.  #1 hit by the way.
     Steph, thanks for the God sightings.   GREAT job.  He is honored!  Can't wait til tomorrow.

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