Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stephanie Bailey, Catelyn Griffin, Daniel Griffin, You're Awesome!

     Special thanks to Stephanie Baily for sharing her Europe experience with us.  The blogs were incredible.  Every single one was "out of the park", "over the fence" home runs.  To hear her share how God showed up in a fresh and new way was refreshing and encouraging.
     Most Christians measure the Christian experience within the context of their church and activities within the Christian community.  We seldom measure it by God's involvement in the context of our interaction with people in a non-Christian environment. 
     Not only did Step have an influence on some new friends, but she discovered the daily interaction God so wants to have with us.  He wants to use us, teach us, change us, enjoy us simply by being with us every day.
     How about you?  Being placed in a secular society, are you seeing God at work every day?  Do you have a sense of His using you?  He doesn't just watch from a distance, but He is in the trenches with us.  He delights in partnering with us to accomplish His purpose, of which He chooses to depend on our cooperation to get it done.  The thought of God depending on us for anything is a stretch for my mind.  It is not because He can't do it without us; it is because He doesn't want to do it without us. 
     God has designed us to interact with each other.  In that interaction, God triggers things in people's hearts that would not be triggered without our participation.  THAT IS COOL!  A God who could do it all without us, chooses to little without us.  That is His plan!  You and I are His plan to move the world toward redemption territory.  It simply is magnificent how He does it.  It is exciting to be used.  Every time He uses us, it is a testimony to His creative genius.  He are His masterpieces!    JOIN THE JOURNEY and be used and enjoyed by God!  That is His intent!
     That is exactly what Catelyn Griffin did for a month this summer.  She will be sharing her trip to the Jungles of Ecuador.  Tune in tomorrow and Friday as she shares her experience and what she learned.  Daniel Griffin will be doing the same upon his return.  I am very proud of the these young people serving God in these unique trips.

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