Friday, February 4, 2011

God is excited!

Do you ever get excited?  I know some folks that I have never seen excited.  It would probably be a health issue if they really ever got excited, those that have known them for a long time would probably run for cover, afraid they are going to blow a cork.  I sometimes think of God in that way.  He has everything under control, He knows what is going to happen, He makes things happen when He wants to.  How can He get excited when nothing surprises Him?
      One of the young people in our church had a science project.  He really worked hard on it, buying all the raw material piece by piece.  He calculated, measured, cut and recut (is that a word?), glued and tested.  He was ready for the demonstration.  First attempt it didn't work the way it was supposed to.  Tweak here and there, walah!  Keith, wait till you see what I made for my science project!  Now fully assembled, fully functional and even painted camo, I had in front of me a T-shirt launcher.  He was proud of what he made and excited for everyone to see.  I have to admit, it was pretty cool, although, I did have a sense of danger lurking in the shadows.  You would have to know this kid to know what I mean.
     It occurred to me the other day (You never hear God say "it occurred to me"), God does get excited.  He gets excited about what He has created.   I have had the opportunity to live in both the Rocky Mountains and now the Smokies.  God is a master creator and I have witnessed the work of some of His better days.  What's really cool is that YOU and I are the CROWN JEWELS of His creative talents.  He created, He looked,and He said, this is really cool, or maybe He said good.  Anyway, He was excited about what He created.  What fuels His excitement , when placed in His hands,is YOU or I being what He created us to be.  Watch out world, God is going to have some fun.  He will shoot us all over the place.  It may at times even lurk with danger.  Oh sure, He will always have to do some tweaking, but my guess is, He will never quit launching us.  He did not create us to observe us, He created us to LAUNCH US!  Man, this is getting exciting!!!(ladies too)  When was the last time you felt launched?  OOOOH YEAH, it may be scary, but boy it is exciting.  Especially for God.  See ya at the launching pad.  JOIN THE JOURNEY!

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  1. hey i found out how to comment dade
    i'm the kid w/ the t-launcher