Monday, February 7, 2011

VIP Passes for Everyone

What a weekend! WinterJam and Super Bowl Party at the church. A thousand different thoughts I want to share with you. Difficult to choose just one, but here we go. I didn't get the treatment that 1200 ticket holders at the Super Bowl got. Can you imagine going through the excruciating decision to go ahead spend thousands of dollars to get to Dallas with a Super Bowl ticket purchase at twice the face value, only to find out they have not finished the seats printed on your ticket. The choice to purchase a multi thousand dollar memory for your family turned out to be an "expensive nightmare". Not exactly VIP treatment. On the other hand, I didn't get the treatment of hundreds who walked by me as I waited 2 1/2 hours in the cold wind to enter the Greensboro Coliseum for WinterJam. Those that stood in a shorter line, entered the building first and got first pick of the seats, and walked through a special canopied entrance with a big sign that said VIP. They were wearing T-shirts that said WinterJam 2011 and a big badge with VIP on it hung around their neck. They were Very Important People. They became very important because they paid $50 each that I did not pay. There is a certain psyche we have in America. If you have enough money or enough smarts or enough good looks or enough connections or enough position or enough power or enough something, then you could be a VIP. Good news is you do have enough and you didn't have to purchase it. It did, however, cost a lot. Your VIP status was purchased by Jesus.

The Cost: His life, the Status: priceless!
When God sees us, He sees the righteousness of Christ. VIP!
We have been chosen, adopted by Christ. VIP!
We are more than Conquerors in Christ. VIP!
We are His house, He abides in us VIP!
We can do all things in Christ. VIP!

The Woman at the Well, Bartimaus, Zachaeus, the Woman who touched the hem of His garment, the leper, the lame, the blind, the mute, the demon possessed, the man on the cross, the widow with a mite, the man with shabby clothing, the poor, the imprisoned, the failures, the orphaned, the widowed and a small West Texas boy. VIP! Every one of us are Very Important People to Jesus. He is passionate about us. He offers us living water, He helps us to see the things we need to see, He asks us to "to climb down from that tree" when He walks by, He heals us, encourages us, comforts us, picks us up, strengthens us, guides us, visits us, lives in us, all because we are VIPs. The most exciting part of it all is that He walks with us daily. Hang your VIP pass around your neck and JOIN THE JOURNEY.

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