Monday, February 21, 2011

Most Valuable Player

      On June 10, 2010, Sam Bradford signed a six year, $78 million deal, which has $50 million of guarantees and has a maximum value of $86 million, the greatest amount ever paid for a rookie.  They were willing to put that kind of cash forward because they saw tremendous value in Bradford.  I always find it interesting  and humorous to hear some of the questions asked following the signing of these kind of contracts.  If you are a first round draft pick, some team laid a lot of money down for you.  One sports journalist asked the St. Louis Rams owner a stupid question,  "Do you have high hope for Sam this year?"  His answer was something like this, "Yeah.  We have $78 million worth of hope for him."  What idiot would pay that kind of money if they did see value in that player.
      I find it fascinating every year to see what kind of value a team places on their first round pic.  It doesn't take much to see how important they think that player is going to be to the future of the team.  It is reflected in the amount of money they are willing to pay for him.  Same thing goes for a CEO of a company.  Some of these guys make unbelievable amounts of money.  These companies value them highly.
      Although, I find it interesting, it always leaves me a little deflated thinking; not much demand for my talents.  I don't find a lot of incentives tied to my part time job.  Not much value placed on me.  No bidding wars for Keith Street.  I mean, those guys make more money just showing up than I will in a lifetime of working.  I don't remember which pitcher it was, but last year I read an article that showed me how much this pitcher made per throw.  Needless to say, his every throw was more valuable to his team than ten years of my services for my team.  Not a real ego booster.
      Then the thought occurred to me (something you will never hear God say, "It occurred to Me").  I'm worth more than $78 million,  more than the best major league pitcher and more than any CEO on the "top 10" list.  If their value is reflected in what their teams or companies paid for them, then consider what I am worth.  I was purchased based on my value and if I must say so myself, "I am pretty valuable."   I wasn't a check I could deposit, but something was credited to my account.  Maybe the world doesn't see my value the same as the one who purchased me, but that's okay.  Two partners saw my value and here's the deal.  God sent His one and only Son to complete the deal and Jesus made the purchase with His own blood.  Wow!  What a price!   The highest price ever paid for anyone.
       Are you feeling pretty valuable right now?  You should be.  The really cool thing about is that the price was not based on previous or future performance.  It was based on how much He passionately loves you.  That's it.  That's all.  To Him you are worth every drop. 

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