Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heavenly Post-Its

      When my daughter Cassidy was a little girl she discovered Post-Its for the first time.  She was also just beginning to write so you get the picture.  Post-It notes everywhere.  I remember leaving for a trip and she had a Post-It note for me to put on the dashboard of the car.  It said, "I love you Dabby", she had gotten her "d"s backward.  Ever since , when we exchange cards or notes we affectionately use the  term "Dabby".  Everytime I see a Post-It of any kind I think of that precious note and anytime I get a card from her I first glance to see if it says "Dabby".  She is 18 now and not quite as sentimental as I am.
      The thought occurred to me once, what if God could use Post-It notes everyday? What if every time He was trying to show us how much He loved us, we saw a Post-It note.  Think about a regular day and look for the notes.  Maybe when a friend drops you an encouraging message on Facebook you saw a Post-It stuck on their profile picture and it said, "I love You, signed God".  Or maybe it was the moment your wife or husband said,  "I know things are tough right now, but I believe in you", you saw a Post-It note on their forehead that said, "I love You, signed God". ( I never know which side of the quotations to put the period or comma)  You take the time to open the Bible and read a few verses and it just seems you opened to the verse you needed to read.  You needed a word from God and there it was, with a Post-It note on the verse that said, "I love You, signed God."  (thought I would put the period inside the quotations this time so I would be right at least once)  Flipping through the channels and you hear a worship song that really speaks to your heart and on the corner of the TV you saw a Post-It note that said, "This is God and I love You."  Or perhaps a friend calls and asks for you to pray for her.  You feel needed, connected to her and God.  As you hang up the phone you see a Post-It stuck to the side of the phone that said, "I love You and I'm using you."   Your elderly neighbor sends you thank you card for mowing her lawn and on the inside of the card was a Post-It note that said, "I love You and loved her through you today."
      I'm convinced that God would get a kick out of using Post-Its just like Cassidy did as a little girl.  Take a few moments to think back to this past week and see if you see any Heavenly Post-Its.  If you are like me, your journey is dotted with them all along the way.  That is just another way that God lets us know how much He loves us.  Not only look for the Post-Its, JOIN THE JOURNEY and start sticking them all around.  God will smile!


  1. Keith,
    I think you do your best writing when you are sick. Thanks for the effort.

  2. Thanks Leon, I got up Wednesday and just stared at the page. The meds had made me a Zombie. Needless to say, the post was later than usual. Thnx for the encouragement.

  3. Hey Keith! Great as always! You are inspiring me to let God love someone through me today and every day! I hope I don't miss the opportunities!

  4. Hey Amy, Thanks once again for taking time to read and comment on my blog. This is a new deal for me and you have been an encourager. I think God uses you more than you realize. That is generally the case with those He is using. If on any specific day, your hearts intent is to be a blessing to someone, then ask God to send you on a mission, then with excitement wait and see what happens. When He uses us, He is saying I love you and enjoy partnering with you.