Monday, March 14, 2011

"And I Helped!"

      I'm from West Texas.  People from other parts of Texas make fun of the accent of someone from West Texas.  Our own people.  What's up with that?  I have a chip on my shoulder.  Not really.  I'm proud of my accent and don't want to ever loose it.  Now that I have moved to NC and spent some time in VA, I have heard some interesting accents.  Now, isn't that much nicer said than just laughing at someone's accent like they did to West Texans.  It reminds me of a commercial I used to see on TV.  As soon as I mention the commercial, you will immediately hear the accent in your mind.  I don't know where it is from, but it could very well be VA.  Here we go:  Shake and Bake.  I was right wasn't I.  You heard it in your mind.  If you remember it, you probably can picture the girl with a grin from ear to ear.  If this blog were a pulpit, we could all repeat together, "And I helped!"  She was so proud and happy because she was able to help.  That ad would make sentimental people go, "Awwwh" because it gave you the warm fuzzies.  Why?  Because that kitchen was full of love.  She was so proud to be the one to help momma!  She sensed her mom's adoration and love.  All because she got to help.
      You may think I'm really stretching it here.  You may not see it as a way God show His love to us, but I do!  I believe that some of God's love nudges come when we have the opportunity to help.  I differentiate this from just being a role player, as mentioned in my last blog.  This is a specific event or moment when we can say, "And I helped!"  We get an internal push on the shoulder, rub on the head or pat on the back from God.  God shows His pleasure when we are available to be used.  In that moment when we realize that God just allowed us to help in His task, then we sense His adoration and love.  We have partnered with God to accomplish something He wanted done.  Not only do we get the satisfaction of helping that other person, but also a sense of pride (the good kind) working hand in hand with God.  Its almost like we have accomplished something with our best friend.  Do the same thing with someone else and it is not quite as meaningful.  It is in those moments we feel God's pleasure.   That sense of God's pleasure is soaked in his love for us.  Next time you do something good for someone and they see it as a blessing, a gift from God, an answer to prayer I want to try something.  Look at the smile on their face, the grateful tears in their eyes or the snug hug and see if you don't feel Him watching, not just them, but watching you.  See if you don't feel His presence.  You will want to fist pump Him.  He is beaming with pride as you, in your heart, say "and I helped."  For the fun of it, say it out loud.  I guarantee you will smile from ear to ear.
      God shows His love by allowing us to help in many of those special moments.  He places His arm on our shoulders and says, "well done, good and faithful servant."  Our chest swells with the sense that we just helped God bring heaven to earth.  Along the journey, you will feel His love as you help Him love others.  When God loves others through you, you can't help but have love spill all over you.   That's why I encourage you to JOIN THE JOURNEY!

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