Saturday, March 12, 2011

Superstar or Role Player?

Well, I just hit just hit a key in the middle of my blog, actually in my last paragraph and it just disappeared.  So this is the second attempt to finish the blog I was supposed to post yesterday.  If it happens again, you are just going to have to wait until Monday's blog.  I have such a love hate relationship with computers and satellite "so called" high speed internet.  Stuff disappears all the time, I get in the flesh and have nothing valuable to say at that time.
      I was reflecting on why I failed to post yesterday.  My commitment is to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If I miss a day I will make it up the following day.  No good excuse, but the one I have chosen to use is March Madness.  I am a Madness junkie.  It is the best time of the sports year.  Underdogs, Cinderellas, new stars are born.  You never know what is going to happen.  The conference tournaments have been unbelievable, with many overtimes, last second winning shots.  It doesn't get any better than this.  Then the selection show on Sunday, which 68 teams get to go to the "big dance"?  How many first timers?  The inside stories are unbelievable.  We all have our dark horses and wonder which 16 seed will go the deepest into the tournament.  What unlikely player will be the hero?  What giants will fall to the hands of the most unsuspecting team?  Drama in "ball" form.  That's the lure of every single game.  You want to watch them all because of the unexpected.
      That is a lot like the Christian life.  We are always amazed whoHe uses.  Sometimes it is the most unlikely person that God uses in the most significant way.  I am always surprised when God seems to use me, because I know me.  Not only that He would choose to use me, but that He is able, is always amazing to me.  When you consider the motley crew He called disciples, it should leave us all with hope that He has plans for us too.  Just think, He left the early stages of the Gospel to them to get it going.  I would not have selected them if I had my big plans at stake.  They didn't seem like real motivators, movers and shakers.  I have to remind myself that it really wasn't about them, but about Him.   HE uses the foolish to confound the wise. Ah ha!  I'm a prime candidate all of the sudden.  Foolish?  Yep, that's me.  Ever feel that way about yourself, at least compared to the superstars that are out there.  The cool thing is, He looks to and fro to find people just like you and I.  He is not looking to make superstars out of us, just role players.  When we play that role, no one can do it better than us..  No superstar can play your role better than you because that part was written for you.
       To me, there is love behind that kind of playing.  God knows that abundant life is a life that finds its significance in serving Him and others.  Roles players team up with other role players and slay giants.  We don't need superstars in the church, we need you!  We need you to find your role and play it like it was meant for no one else.  You will be happy and we will be powerful.  It is exciting to know that we have the superstar on the team, JESUS!  Let's be role players and we will advance to the end.   You are a champion.  Play like one.  Enjoy the "big dance" and JOIN THE JOURNEY!

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