Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Side Street - Rob Bell & Hell

      Remember the ground rules of my blog.  When you see "side street" in the title, it means I am leaving the main theme we've been traveling on and taking a side street to address an issue or share something really strong on my heart.
      If you have been following the ministry blogs, reading any ministry articles or pubs., then you are aware of the "ROAR" Rob Bell's new book, Love Wins, has caused.  He has been called everything from a false prophet, a heretic, apostate, lost, universalist and list goes on and on.  In my opinion, the attack in many cases has been on Rob rather than his book.  I have been embarrassed at some of the facebook posts, blogs and articles that I've read.  So much poison spewing out.  Certainly, some of it does not honor Christ.
      Here's my take.  I do not agree with Rob's position on everyone eventually being won over by love, so no one ends up in hell;  if that is what he is saying.  I have not read the book.  Is it even out yet?  The first barrage of attacks came before it was published.  It is important to stand against false teachings and stand for the truth, however, everyone who is roasting Rob probably has differing views on heaven and hell. Some of them must be some of the things they called Rob since their beliefs differ.  Summary of this paragraph:  Jesus is the only way to heaven and anyone who does not accept Him as their personal payment for their sins will spend an eternity separated from God.  He has done everything necessary for all to spend eternity with Him. 
      Now back to Rob Bell.  The true test for a false prophet, according to scripture,  is not their teaching as much as it is their fruit.  The Bible says to judge them by their fruit.  I would suspect that if there were a "fruit inspection station" set up, many of those who roasted Rob Bell, would pale in comparison to the fruit Rob's ministry has produced.  I would not want to be in the line after his fruit was inspected with mine on the table next.  He has been a leader in getting church people off the pews into the streets making a difference.  So, although I disagree with what I think he is saying (not sure), I will not be showing up at the Rob Bell Celebrity Roast!
      David Platt, one of my fav preachers, makes a good point when he says it is far more dangerous to live like we don't believe anyone is going to hell than it is to teach that no one is going to hell.  There are 1.15 billion people living in India.  97 %  of them profess a belief other than Jesus.  96 % percent of us will spend our lives building mega churches, with big buildings, big budgets, big everything.  Or at least that is our goal, although we would never admit.  Doesn't sound spiritual.  We all say that this is what God has called us to do.  I have a hard time believing God calls only 4 % of us to take on the task of evangelizing  90% of the lost world.  My percentages may be off a few, but you get the point.  Unless we are willing to pack up our families and go after those whom we  say are doomed to an eternal hell, we probably have our emphasis on the wrong thing.  We need to come out of our theological "guard shacks" and hit the mission fields.  Paragraph summary:  Seems to me, I've heard more "ROAR" over Rob Bell than over millions going to hell.  Seems as though some are willing to guard the truth, but maybe  not as many live the truth.
      One more paragraph and I'm done.  I do not believe that you have to be theologically correct to be holy.  I do not believe you have to be theologically correct to serve God faithfully.  I do believe that we need to be more upset about the lost, the hungry, the poor than someone who missed it on a point of theology.  Focus on the fruit and JOIN THE JOURNEY. 
     One last thing.  I know where you can get a special on a box of rocks whenever you are ready to start throwing.


  1. India has a population of about 1.15 billion.

  2. Hey Brett, Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the heads up. I got my info from a video I heard. I will make the change in the post. Again, thanks!

  3. I just read this as well. Seems someone else close to home read Bell's work.

  4. Brett, thanks for the article. I had not read it yet. I don't think I have ever seen a response to a book like this one in the ministry world. I have been around for awhile. This cuts to the core of the Gospel and really has people riled up. I would imagine this scenario will repeat itself more than once. Thanks for heads up.