Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God of a Second Chance, That's Bad News!

      Once heard a preacher preach a sermon entitled, "He's the God of a Second Chance."  If that is true, I'm screwed.  I mean I am so far in the hole, I will never see the top again.  Every time I hear that second chance thing, I think it is so far off the mark that it might give someone the wrong idea.  It almost sounds as if there is a limit to the chances.
      It reminds me of the statement of Peter, "how many times do I forgive?  Seven times."  Nope,  seven times seventy.  Let's see, that's 490.  Now that's a lot, but I'm still way over the limit.  In matter of fact, 490 is not even in sight.  I blew past that years ago, probably 50 years ago.  The truth is, He is not the God of  a second chance or of 490 chances, but He is the God of unlimited chances.  Now that's Good News!
      Now don't accuse me of teaching a license to sin, because I'll sin and call you a name.  What I am saying is that God so loves you and I, that regardless of how many times we fail and fall, He is there ready for us to get up, dust off and give it another shot.  As a matter of fact, He helps us up and dusts us off.  God wants us to know that our sins will never conquer His love.  It will never tip the scales, leaving love on the lighter side.  His love, will always tip the scales. 
       While we were sinners, He chose to die for us.  If that doesn't tell you that His love is greater than our sins, nothing will be able to communicate that truth to you.  Why is that such an important truth any way?  It is not just salvation that hangs on that truth.  It is hope for a meaningful, growing relationship with God.  It allows us access to God, without counting on our performance.  It is not by what we have done, but by what Jesus did that gives us access to God.  That puts us on a little firmer ground, wouldn't you agree?
        That's important because most of us would be less likely to keep returning to God if access to Him was in any way based on our performance.  We would have a tendency to want to avoid Him, sort of like the principal when I was growing up.  When I had a bad day at school (got my butt in trouble) I was hoping the principal had a sick day.  I got to know him quite well and it really wasn't a fun experience.  It was solely based on my performance.  Approaching God has nothing to do with my performance, but solely on Jesus' sacrifice.
      That's important because it allows us to run to God instead of from God when we screw up which is always our tendency.  We think we can't approach Him because He is mad at us or so disappointed with us that we would be better off avoiding the confrontation.  When you approach the throne, hand them the invitation given you at Calvary, signed by Jesus with His own blood.  You will not be turned away.  Your presence will be celebrated.  He is extravagant with His mercy and love.  So focus on the love, the sacrifice and you will always feel welcome into His presence.  That kind of love is what makes the journey doable.  He loves you and wants you to JOIN THE JOURNEY.


  1. Thank goodness my sin will never tip the scales!! Thanks for the reminder Keith! I needed it.

  2. Don't we all. I've fail Him more than I've served Him and yet He still wants me on the team. That's incredible.