Monday, March 21, 2011

Journey of Questions

      Today's blog was inspired by a blog written by Kendra Logan.  In her blog she talks about the energy that unanswered questions bring to our lives.  In Columbus' day,  "Is the world flat or round?"  Science has now answered that question, but imagine being a part of that debate before the answer was known.  I'm sure they were lively.  Does the sun rotate around the earth or the earth around the sun?  We know now, but quite a debate for a long time.  Can we find a cure for polio, measles, diabetes, cancer, and the list goes on and on.   There will always be some unanswered questions in the scientific world.  Knowing that there will always be the unknown keeps me awake.
       There is another line of questioning I want us to follow today.  The answer to these questions might determine if you are one of those looking for cures to diseases, alternative fuels, nuclear meltdowns, or how to mend a broken heart, feed the hungry of the world, foster creativity in children or invent things that change the world.  Answers involve people.  There always has to be that person willing to ponder the questions that others find meaningless. 
      Today I want to ask questions that could go unasked and things could go on as usual.  You would still get up, go to work, pick up the kids at school, buy groceries, fix a meal, eat, watch American Idol, go to bed and repeat tomorrow.  But for some of us, finding the answers to the questions I am going to throw out would change everything in our lives.  Tomorrows routine would look nothing like today's.  What we spend our money on would be totally different.  Who we interact with would be totally changed.  Our understanding of who we are and what we are about would transform our minds, the way we think, where we're headed.  As we answer these questions collectively, it might change how we do church.  How we do community.  How we do life.
      Are you ready for the questions.  Here goes.  Did God really make me different than everyone else on the inside?  I know we are all different on the outside, but am I unique on the inside?  Did He give me something special given to no one else?  If yes, why?  What great stories are waiting for me to be written?  Have you ever known anyone who was totally surrendered to God?  Who?   Did they change history?  Could you be that someone?  If I made a choice to surrender to His design, His destiny, His dreams for my life, how big a difference in my world would it make?  Is being radical good or bad?  What does it look like?  Do you have a willing heart?  What are you willing to give up?  What if we had to change the way we do church completely?  Any suggestions?  How different would my beliefs be if I lived in a third world country?  How important are possessions to me?  How would someone observing me answer that?  Do I have any talents that I am using for myself, or do I have any talents I am not using for God?   Why not?  Am I afraid?  Who am I afraid of?  What am I afraid of?  Do I believe God can really use me?  Why isn't He?  Is He waiting on me?  How do I know His will?  How can I be for sure?  What is a vision?  Does He give everyone a different one?  Can we share the vision with some one else?  Can it be equally all of ours?  How about the vision for the church?
      I have personally asked every one of those questions, and many I am still asking today, believing that if I keep asking them, I will find some answers.  Those answers could change everything and if there has ever been a time I wanted change, IT IS NOW!  Are you asking those questions too?  If so, we share a journey and we could probably be an encouragement to each other.  Which of those questions are you asking now?  Maybe we could pray for each other, specifically.  Maybe we can surrender to God in a pact together.
      I am not looking for someone who knows the answers.  I am looking for someone who is asking the questions.  Can you imagine what fun it would be, how exciting, to be in pursuit of the answers with a group of people equally devoted to finding the answers and responding to the challenge those answers present.  Would church be different?  You bet it would, because we would be different and we are the church.  Would what we invest in be different?  You bet it would, because our hearts desires would change.  Would our lives be different?  You bet they would, because we would be headed in a different direction.  
      Here is how to be a part.  Leave a comment on this blog.  Share which question you are most asking right now.  As we seek those answers together, I believe we will discover a level of God's love we have never known.  That is the journey we have been on these past few months, discovering God's love for us.  Be a part of the conversation.  Leave a comment, ask a question, JOIN THE JOURNEY!


  1. ...."what great stories are waiting "FOR ME" to be written?"...This question is the definition of INSPIRATION! So...take a risk and write your own story and remember, whatever your current situation/story looks like, you have only just finished writing chapter 3....maybe it is time for a plot twist! do I want chapter 5 to conclude? Live into your story!
    Thanks Keith for asking the question.

  2. I'm glad I inspired this! Of course, my inspiration came from Daddy's sermon, so...I guess it's being passed around! :)


  3. Leon, Dude, I'm trying to answer the inner calling to write my story with a good ending. I like the phrase, "live into your story". Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hey Kendra, Which weeks sermon are you referring to. I will make sure I listen to it. If it inspired you to write that blog, I need to read it. thanks for commenting.

  5. Keith here is a question for you. I know the "churchy" answers but would like another down to earth answer. How do I introduce a new wife to an former wife? I was married for 29 years to one whom I told I would love her forever. Then she died and I remarried and feel guilty for telling another that I love her. I know in Heaven there are no marriages and it will all work out because there is no pain or sorrow, but the though still nags at me how do I explain a new wife? Not sure there is anything but a "churchy" answer but thought I would throw the question out there. Maybe others face same problem. john kinman

  6. Dude, This calls for some creativity. Here goes. Tell the first wife, that being married to her was so good that you missed it after she was gone. You never quit loving her, however, the void was so great that God filled that spot with a woman that shared to same to commitment to God and to you. God certainly gives us the capability to love more without compromising the intergrity of the original love. She will be honored that marriage was so special and important to you, that you would repeat it again. God made you with the need for a help mate and that did not change with her death.